Handmade Artisan Soap

Life is short - Use the Pretty Soap

Lather up, buttercup!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint here. When you purchase from The Suds Shop you can expect to find biolefin shrink wrap (100% biodegradable), paper packaging, and even recycled fillers and boxes- if you receive a package that contains bubble wrap, you can be assured it is reused and we encourage our customers to do the same!

Why choose Handmade?

Our Handmade soap is made with top of the line butters and oils. Making small batches with real ingredients makes the difference between handmade soap and big box store body washes.

I carefully choose each recipe with consideration of eliminating all unnecessary ingredients.

Meet the Maker

I live in a super small town with my beautiful family. I am a special education teacher and have always needed to use creativity to see a project from start to finish, a concept difficult to achieve in parenting and in education. Making soap allows me to be creative, share my work with my community and provide quality products to my family.

Custom Suds

Soap makes the best favor for bridal and baby showers as well as gifts for those you love. You can choose whole, half or quarter size bars. The scent, design and colors are all in your control.

These beautiful soaps are affordable luxury! I have bought so many to give as gifts...except I find myself holding onto them. Every time I suds up with Amanda’s soap(s), I feel like I have given myself a little gift.

V. Lailer

The soaps are so creative and sudsy! And the scents are amazing!

C. Haulk

Amazing product from an amazing lady. She can hook you up!

A. Whelpley

This soap is just tops! It looks good, smells good and feels even better. You will feel great about using it too knowing it’s full of natural ingredients. Amanda is a magical soap mistress who can whip up whatever you need! It’s a MUST try.

L. LaMarre

Love these! Your creative bars make perfect little gifts/favors!

H. Pond

Not only do these soaps smell amazing, but they are absolutely adorable and unique! They make perfect gifts for all occasions! They’re also toddler tested and toddler approved!

C. Plaisted